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Welcome to the official Curly Joe website. Curly Joe was originally a stage name used by singer & songwriter Neil Wise to play local cover gigs in his hometown around Melbourne to separate from his then main profession as a physiotherapist. In 2008 he began to write his own material with great veracity to the extent the covers gigs were soon superseded by a passion for playing at Open Mic nights & eventually more original gigs.

Neil’s first connection with music was in a high school band, The Fried Rice Band in the 1970’s, in an era of wide influences of US & UK artists and the eruption of the Australian Music Industry with Daddy Cool, Skyhooks, The Angels, Stars, The Dingoes, Jo Jo Zep & the Falcons, This band spawned members of ska band No Nonsense, Alice & the Alligators & The Frenetics.